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CPQ Solutions for Services

Traditional CPQ tools are not built for Services Organizations

  • CLD, with Zimit, gives you a solution that allows you to automate and streamline your quoting process and project creation while keeping all your information in one place.
  • Zimit fills the gap for enterprise services where most Configure, Price Quote (CPQ) solutions fall short. Now you can accurately estimate services and automate the sales-to-delivery handoff to grow your enterprise services.
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Use Salesforce Not Spreadsheets

Organize beyond Excel spreadsheets and move all aspects of product and services estimation onto your existing Salesforce platform.

  • Our Zimit and FinancialForce PSA integration is the answer for estimating services, generating accurate statements of work, and creating projects in FinancialForce.
  • CLD and Zimit created a unique solution that integrates the Zimit cloud-based CPQ-for-services software with Salesforce—so everything is unified, highly accurate, and built with the complexities of enterprise services in mind.
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Our Zimit-to-Salesforce Solution

  • Organize all your quote or estimate data within Salesforce
  • Move your services estimation workflow and approvals out of Excel for good
  • Gain a comprehensive view of service operations from estimation to execution
  • Automate PSA project creation and resource requests directly from the Salesforce quote
  • Report on what was sold versus what was delivered
  • Streamline the sales-to-delivery handoff process
  • Use Zimit’s guided selling feature to create accurate quotes 
  • Integrate Zimit with your existing product CPQ
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Automate and streamline enterprise services estimation

  • Estimate hours for each resource role
  • Leverage standard rate cards defined for each role and locale
  • Define billing schedules with consideration for resource schedules 
  • Account for nuances of project tasks during the proposal process
  • Automate generation of proposal / SOW 
  • Automate project creation