Credit Card Integration

Automate and streamline your expense management processes in Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) by leveraging all the data that already exists in your corporate credit card transactions. With a simple integration, you can save your employees lots of time and trouble and increase accuracy.

Credit Card Integration at a glance

Any company that issues corporate credit cards, uses Salesforce or FinancialForce and needs to have expenses tracked as part of total project costs. This feature allows for corporate credit card integration directly into your SalesForce/FinancialForce.

Bank of America, Wells Fargo, AMEX and more can be supported with minor modifications

In a nutshell, this accelerators…

  1. Brings credit card transactions into Salesforce from a bank file
  2. Gives users a simple interface to quickly tag, manage and assign expenses to the right expense report

Scroll down to see all the features.

  • Schedule routine a job to sync credit transactions or process them manually
  • Credit transactions automatically have the expense name, amount and dates
  • Enable employee notifications when new transactions are available
  • Allows employees to only see their unmatched expenses
  • Ability to create expense reports without navigating to another screen
  • One place to assign the expense type, attach receipts and itemize
  • Add one or more transactions to one or more expense reports in one click
  • Automatically corporate credit card integration into FinancialForce and creates expense items on the expense report
What does it take to implement?
  1. Review: CLD reviews your FinancialForce implementation with you to understand how you use it
  2. Decide: CLD walks you through decisions on how you want this accelerator configured
  3. Install: CLD deploys the package to your sandbox
  4. Establish Credit Transaction Feed: Next CLD provides guidance on how to work with your credit card provider to receive a feed of the credit card transactions on a scheduled basis
  5. Configure: CLD configures the feature based on your unique FinancialForce needs
  6. Test & Train: Test the solution in your environment with your users. (CLD will provide an end-to-end demonstration of the configured solution along with a training guide so you can handle any questions that come up.)
  7. Deploy: CLD deploys the solution to your production environment for your organization to use
Technical Details
  • Works in Salesforce Classic and with Lightning Experience (LEX)
  • Supports Multi-currency
  • Package Contents:
    • Custom Objects: 5
    • Custom Pages: 2
    • Other Apex Components: 14 Classes & Triggers
    • Custom Tabs: 3
  • Other Notes:
    • The issuing bank for your company’s Credit Card will provide the transaction feed format
    • If necessary, we’ll modify the format of the feed from the customer’s bank if it’s in a format we have not dealt with previously
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