CLD CEO Steve Clune designing innovative Certinia solutions

Transform your business with a comprehensive end to end solution

Estimate services, build & send quotes, win new business, manage orders, projects and resources, bill & invoice clients and recognize revenue in one holistic solution. 

We’ll implement the tools and features you need to run your business from quote to cash.

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Get more accuracy, efficiency, and visibility from initial quote to final payment.

Redesigning your quote-to-cash operations is complex and affects all parts of your business.  We take a holistic, end-to-end approach to ensure every quote-to-cash solution streamlines and automates your processes.  

We help you easily manage data and revenue streams.

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Get value quickly from your quote to cash solutions


  • Get a complete view of billing and revenue
  • Integrate smoothly with your enterprise systems
  • Gain automation in the right places to save time
  • Create new, more efficient processes
  • Recognize revenue easily
  • Have accurate forecasts for business
  • Manage resources and projects easily

Quote-to-Cash Features

Quote-to-Cash (QTC) can mean different things to different organizations. We’ll help you apply the features right for your business.

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Implement your quote-to-cash solution with an experienced partner.

Having led integrations and built quoting tools for years, CLD Partners understands what it takes to ensure the pieces of your enterprise system talk to one another. We won’t just build you a CPQ piece or implement new software with old processes. We consider the entire system and use accelerators and enablers to ensure a smooth integration. A solid quote-to-cash solution equips every player with the right information. So we will deliver a quote-to-cash solution that embodies the best of what makes our customers successful.