Timecard Compliance

Automate timecard compliance checks and notifications. Our timecard compliance accelerator helps your business run smoother because it reminds your resources when timecards are due and alerts resources to fix issues that are outside of your timecard policies.

Timecard Compliance at a glance

CLD’s Timecard Compliance accelerator allows organizations to automate the generation of timecard compliance assessment records to facilitate timecard compliance monitoring and enforcement. The feature automates notifications to your resources for timecard submission deadlines and reminds them of minimum hours based on their work calendar.

This feature is configurable to most companies’ time reporting policies and can be extended if needed. 

CLD’s timecard compliance accelerator supports a number of use cases natively, including…

  • Standard weekly compliance checks
  • Mid-month and month-end compliance checks
  • Real-time compliance updates
  • Exclusion of resources from compliance checks
  • Recording compliance infractions
  • Pre-deadline reminders
  • Non-compliance alerts
  • Escalating non-compliance notifications
  • Aggregate reporting based on region, practice, group, and line manager

Yes, the timecard compliance package can be modified to handle challenging use cases for part-time employees by taking into account each resource’s work calendar. 

It can also handle different work schedules you may have across regions. In one case, we handled different work schedules in Europe using data that was stored in Peoplesoft.

You can use the tool to disable compliance assessments and alerts for employees that go on leave.

How we accomplish this depends on how your organization handles long-term leave and in which systems it is recorded.  At one client we used information on the contact record that was pulled from their HR system. This information reflected the most recent long-term leave for the resource. If the compliance check overlapped with the resource’s long-term leave, we would reduce the expected work hours. The process is similar to how we handle resource start/end dates in the middle of an assessment period.

Yes. If you have a use case that is outside the native use cases listed above, we can modify the timecard compliance package using Apex or Salesforce flows.

Our solution architect will capture your use cases and work with our developers to tailor the compliance rules to meet your needs. 

  • Automatically remind resources of pending timecard deadlines
  • Automate timecard review and generation of timecard compliance assessments
  • Escalate and notify managers of resource non-compliance
  • Generate aggregate reporting based on region, practice, group, and line manager
  • Save time spent manually checking timecard compliance monitoring and enforcement
  • Better compliance rates (because alerts and rules mirror your time-reporting policies)
  • Multi-faceted timecard assessment record data
  • Powerful “burndown” dashboards to monitor resources coming into compliance
How does this work

This accelerator package is quick to get up and running. After an initial discovery session, the package is installed and configured.

  • Notifications are configured based on your business rules & timecard policy
  • Users are notified when timecards are due and overdue
  • Monitoring happens asynchronously from time entry
    • Timecard compliance assessments are scheduled based on time reporting policies
    • Assessments can also run on demand when users enter time in previously assessed periods
Technical Details
  • Works with Lightning Experience (LEX) or Salesforce Classic
  • Package Contents:
    • Custom Objects: 1
    • Classes & Triggers: 4
  • Other Notes:
    • Other settings, views, and tab are included in the package
    • An unmanaged package makes it easy to tailor for special company use cases 
    • Additional flows can be configured for alerts 
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