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DCAA Compliance with FinancialForce

Tailored FinancialForce Solutions for Government Contractors

We’ll help you leverage the power of FinancialForce and the Salesforce platform to build your DCAA compliance and audit capabilities.

  • Government contractors have unique needs that are hard to meet with traditional, inflexible ERP systems. We extend FinancialForce for government contractors so you can leverage the Salesforce platform to give you a consistent view of your business and get the flexibility needed to expand and change over time.
  • Combine Salesforce and FinancialForce (built natively on the Salesforce platform) to get the best, single-platform solution for managing sales, projects, services and billing (through the general ledger), and revenue and cost reporting—all in one place.

Get the unique features you need for DCAA Compliance

Labor Cost Allocation

  • Track the true labor cost of every hour worked for hourly and salaried employees through FinancialForce PSA
  • Automatically create journal entries in FinancialForce accounting
  • Reclassify labor costs to correct categories for specific pay periods

Time Entry Compliance

  • Enforce daily time entry and weekly total hours
  • Establish proper time entry closure and cut-off 
  • Keep an audit trail for adjustments to time cards through reason codes

Per Diem Expense Entry

  • Integrate with GSA per diem tables
  • Apply the correct per diem rate for travel management expenses 
  • Automate per diem expenses for onsite work from timecard submissions.

Indirect Rate Calculations

  • Track standard cost pools for fringe, overhead, and G&A expenses
  • Set up custom cost pools for facilities, work locations, and other collections
  • Calculate indirect cost rates with a full audit trail on rate buildup
  • Apply target and/or actual indirect rates to project timecards
  • Apply provisional rates for billing on cost-plus projects

Reporting & Dashboards

  • Project financial status reports using Conga, which mimics Deltek reports
  • Standard DCAA templates for Invoicing