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CPQ for Services

Spend more time focused on delivery and less time quoting.

Relying on spreadsheets to create estimates instead of doing them in Salesforce? This disjointed system creates a gap between what was sold and what gets delivered. And that means revenue leakage—aka, lost profits.  It also means difficulty tracking what you sold versus what you delivered.  We understand how frustrating this is, and we believe you deserve better.

  • PSQuote closes the gap of CPQ for services
  • You get a unified process for quoting professional services 
  • You’ll spend more time on delivery and less time quoting
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PSQuote is a full-featured, Salesforce-based services quoting tool that enables you to keep everything in one place.

  • Automate and streamline your quoting process 
  • Accurately estimate and quote services 
  • Automate the sales-to-delivery handoff 
  • Gain a comprehensive view of service operations from estimation to execution 
  • Get more granular forecasting and inputs to demand planning
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We’ll help you get rid of spreadsheets for good.

  • CLD has 10+ years helping clients convert Salesforce CRM Opportunities into Projects in FinancialForce PSA and integrate with ERP Tools and Traditional CPQ tools for order management
  • PSQuote is the result of years of building quoting tools for dozens of clients
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Rely on a robust, unified system to create your professional services quotes.

Enable your sales team to quote services based exactly on how you deliver

PSQuote Product Connections depicting easy connections to PSA, Sales Cloud and document generation
  • Build professional service quotes directly on Salesforce Opportunities 
  • Use pre-packaged solution templates or build solutions on the fly  
  • Adjust hours & roles by week or date range
  • Quickly clone quotes to create new versions
  • Apply discounts & adjust pricing; see margin at a glance
  • Add materials (expenses, fixed cost, products)
  • Generate content for SOWs and proposals 
  • Sync to PSA Projects and Resource Requests or other PSA tools for Project Setup and Resource Management

Streamlining your quoting process is simple


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