Bid Import Feature

Most contract research organizations create extensive bid workbooks to bid for new studies and trials. Once they win, all of the details (planned units, resources, quantities, rates, etc.) from the bid workbook can be imported into Salesforce and used to create a PSA project, budget, resource requests, and more. The bid import also supports change orders.

Bid Import Feature at a glance

It’s designed for Contract Research Organizations. Many CROs create detailed spreadsheets to design new clinical trials and studies. Highly specialized teams scope everything from site/facility costs, resource hours, safety and regulatory requirements and costs, data management needs, and more. This is tracked in what most CROs call a Bid Workbook or Bid Tracker.

After a successful Bid Defense, everything you need to track and deliver the trial is in the bid workbook. The bid import feature creates global and regional projects in Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) by importing thousands of lines and details from the bid workbook. Budgets, resource requests, units and more can be created depending on your project tracking needs.  This tool saves CROs from using a separate bid tracker software to manage the trial.  It saves time and by using Salesforce, forecasting and reporting are easier too.

Great news! If something out of scope suddenly becomes in scope, you can simply import the change order using the same bid import feature and it will update / add budgets accordingly.

This feature requires standardizing how your organization creates bids for new clinical trials. This can be hard to change but we can help. It’s a good step especially if your CRO wants to eventually move creating bids onto the Salesforce platform

Yes! While many CROs prefer to use bid tracker software to scope clinical trials, some are choosing to move to a CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution designed for quoting services, like PSQuote. PSQuote is a great option since its native to the Salesforce platform. (Learn more at or on the Salesforce App Exchange)

  • Import a bid workbook to create project(s) with simple drag and drop
  • Presents a preview of the project hierarchy showing the global project and regional projects where the trial will be executed 
  • Automatically creates resource requests based on units and tasks sold
  • Brings in unit and task details including planned units, cost, and more.
  • Import change orders using the same feature to update projects
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