Leverage a FinancialForce PSA solution designed for Contract Research Organizations

We know that managing a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) is complex. Bidding for clinical trials and tracking clinical research projects can get very complicated, very fast. We’re here to help. 

Implement FinancialForce fast with a CLD Quickstart

It's time to move away from separate trackers for every trial

Many CROs are sifting through frustrating spreadsheets and mountains of data. Instead of dealing with that, have FinancialForce PSA do the work for you. CLD Partners is ready to help you implement innovative, easy-to-use project management tools to give you better insight into your entire pipeline, save time, bill faster, and recognize more revenue. 

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Enjoy benefits made to streamline clinical research

Stop worrying about administrative details, overlooking lost revenue…or wondering whether you’re using employee time effectively. Instead, enjoy knowing that you’re running an efficient and effective contract research organization. With CLD Partners as your implementation guide, you can: 

  1. Gain consistent data across your organization
  2. Track bids and view a comprehensive pipeline
  3. Forecast resource schedules and revenue across all bids/projects
  4. Track running costs on a project against estimated costs
  5. Track actual hours per unit completed and easily estimate percent complete for revenue recognition
  6. Quickly approve units/hours/milestones for billing 
  7. Recognize revenue according to ASC 606 
  8. Integrate with corporate billing & accounting systems
  9. See what was sold vs. what was delivered 
FinancialForce ERP Implementation services designed by CLD Partners

Wouldn’t it be great to have one universal system that covered…everything?

Think about it: Using disparate tracker spreadsheets on this scale is time-consuming and error-prone. It’s time to rethink how you manage your CRO. By harnessing the power of our unique PSA solution for Contract Research Organizations, you’ll be able to: 

  • Leverage core FinancialForce PSA and revenue management apps
  • Create projects with our bid import tool 
  • Track units to easily designate what can be billed 
  • Forecast units and visualize resourcing needs
  • View all monthly billable work completed in one report
  • Generate invoice data and documents for your customers and sponsors
  • Integrate everything as necessary to your billing system

Interested in learning more? We have good news.

We’re here to help you make the right decision, no matter what that will be. Even if you don’t choose us, we want to help you understand what to look for and what to expect from your PSA for Contract Research Organizations.